What is ‘smishing’?

Answer: SMS phishing.

by / November 12, 2018

NordVPN recently released a report stating that phishing over text messages is on the rise. Since people are getting smarter about suspicious emails, criminals have had to turn to another method of messaging.

Smishing, or sending phishing messages over text, has gone from bad to, well, really bad, according to the report. People are less suspicious of text messages, even when they come from unknown sources. And people also believe that their phones are more secure than their computers or email accounts, even though that is not necessarily the case.

“As smartphones get more and more popular, personal use of email is declining,” Ruby Gonzalez, communications director at NordVPN, told Digital Trends. “It’s a new channel. It’s a wider channel for criminals, and they are trying to exploit it in the same way as all other channels that are opening."

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