Is the Apple Card biased?

Answer: It appears so.

by / November 12, 2019

Reports have been surfacing that the Apple Card may be biased when it assigns credit limits. CNN Business reports that Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak said via Twitter that he had been given a credit limit on his Apple card that was 10 times what his wife got on her card, even though they have shared assets.

Tech entrepreneur David Heinmeier Hansson reported experiencing a similar situation where his credit limit was 20 times that of his wife despite the fact that they share assets and she has a higher credit score. When they reached out to Apple about it, Hansson says they were told that the credit limit for each individual’s Apple Card is set by an AI-powered algorithm.

This is not the first time that the possibility of algorithm bias has been raised — in fact, it has become a prominent issue in the last year, with some local governments taking legislative action on the issue. Last month, California enacted a temporary ban on police use of facial recognition software, a technology that many agree uses biased algorithms.

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