What is a great prank to pull in San Francisco?

Answer: Life-size AirPod stickers.

by / November 19, 2019

If you were in San Francisco recently and saw an AirPod on the ground, only to discover that it was just a sticker when you tried to pick it up, you are not alone.

Pablo Rochat, an artist based in the city, chose to play a prank this weekend that was so very San Francisco. He printed high-resolution, life-size images of Apple’s popular wireless earbuds, AirPods. He then cut them out individually by hand to make stickers and placed them in random places along the city’s sidewalks.

The reaction from the Internet contained a mixture of appreciation and resentment of the evil nature of Rochat’s ingenuity. As for the evil genius himself, he seems to have gotten quite a bit of enjoyment out of his joke: “It was fun to watch people walk by the stickers, do a double take, and occasionally bend over to try to pick the AirPods up.” Next up: life-size iPhones. 



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