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How does KFC want to help you avoid the influx of Black Friday/Cyber Monday deal notifications this year?

Answer: With an Internet-repellent tent.

by / November 22, 2017

Have you ever wanted to disconnect yourself from the Internet during Black Friday and/or Cyber Monday, but just couldn’t bring yourself to abandon or silence your phone for that long? If so, KFC has just the thing for you. It’s a KFC-themed tent that will block any device taken inside from connecting to the Internet.

Called the Internet Escape Pod, it’s essentially a kind of Faraday cage made of stainless steel mesh that will block cellphone signals. A chicken drumstick serves as the door handle, and Colonel Sanders is draped a bit awkwardly over the top. Perhaps that is supposed to be a metaphor for the users to be taking refuge in his embrace from the deluge of Internet deals, but it looks more like he got tired while trying to climb on top of it and decided to just lie down instead.

The Internet Escape Pod weighs in at eight pounds and comes with a price tag of $10,000. Or you could just, you know, go for a walk or even just into another room but (gasp) leave your phone behind.

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