What does Amazon want to make sure you never run out of?

Answer: Office supplies.

by / November 22, 2019

Content with having nearly taken over the home delivery market, Amazon has now set its sights on deliveries to businesses. Enter the Dash Smart Shelf, which was designed for use by businesses so that they can keep track of their office supply inventory. 

Rather than waiting for someone to walk into the supply room only to discover that there are no more pens, and then waiting for word to get around to the person in charge of ordering more, businesses can use this smart shelf to make sure that they never run out of the things their employees need.

The shelf is actually a scale that continuously weighs what product is sitting on top of it. When it senses that the load is getting too light, it uses its built-in Wi-Fi connection to order more product. It can also be programmed to send a certain person a notification, rather than automatically reordering. It can also be used to take stock of inventory without having to send someone to do it manually.

Small business owners are already seeing the benefit: “Running out of the things we need impacts our business in a big way. Dash Smart Shelf is just what we need to make sure we have the supplies we need to do what we do best — brew great-tasting beer,” said Michael Calhoun, general manager at Red River Brewing.

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