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Tap is a wearable tech gadget that lets you turn any surface into what?

Answer: A Bluetooth keyboard.

by / November 27, 2017

Tap looks a lot like brass knuckles made of string, but that’s definitely not what it is. It’s wearable tech that allows the user to type by tapping their fingers against any surface. All it needs is a Bluetooth-capable device to send the letters to.

There is one loop for each finger, and the thumb loop contains a haptic motor and a sensor so it can function as a mouse. Each finger represents one of the five vowels, with combinations of fingers for the remaining letters of the alphabet. All you have to do is tap, and the letters appear on the screen.

Since you don’t need to see Tap in order to operate it, the people behind the tech envision it as a helpful tool for virtual reality where vision is blocked by a headset. This also gives Tap potential in the field of accessibility — it could allow the visually impaired to navigate technology platforms more quickly and easily.

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