How many speeding drivers did a town in Italy catch in 10 days?

Answer: More than 58,000.

by / November 26, 2018

Thanks to just one speeding camera, the small village of Acquetico in Italy counted an astonishing 58,568 speed violations in just over one week.

The camera was installed for a trial period after the 120 residents complained that they didn’t feel safe crossing the main road in town due to speeding motorists. The 31 mph (50 kph) speed limit was broken every few minutes on average, with the fastest recorded speed being almost three times the limit at 84 mph (135 kph). According to Digital Trends, a local news outlet reported that vehicles caught on the camera exceeded the speed limit 50 percent of the time.

Acquetico Mayor Alessandro Alessandri is, understandably, considering making the camera a permanent feature to help curb the speeding.