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What device aims to make sure you are brushing your teeth to the best of your ability?

Answer: an AI-powered toothbrush.

by / November 28, 2017

It’s no secret that even the simplest of tasks can be improved with the use of smart technology. The Ara toothbrush by Kolibree claims to significantly improve daily tooth brushing using artificial intelligence (AI) and a companion app.

First, the toothbrush will remain on for two minutes to make sure that the user brushes for the full two minutes. The accompanying app will keep track of the brushing and produce a color-coded 3-D model of the user's mouth to show his or her progress. Yellow means the area still needs brushing, white means their teeth are good to go. Additionally, it generates a weekly report on how well users have been brushing.

“Here at Kolibree, we have figured out how to make today’s advanced machine learning technology benefit oral care in fun, accessible ways,” Kolibree CEO, Chairman and co-founder Thomas Serval said of the Ara. “We hope to change the landscape of dental health for the better, altering the way individuals approach their oral health-care practices.”

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