A new limited-edition concentrate from SodaStream allows users to turn water into what?

Answer: Wine.

by / November 29, 2017

SodaStream makes water into sparkling water during most of the year, but it's stepping up its game for the holidays and making water into wine. The company recently introduced a limited-edition concentrate called Sparkling Gold that it says will create a “fruity Riesling wine.” If mixed to the recommended ratio, the Riesling contains 10 percent alcohol by volume and makes 12 glasses.

“Fun and exciting concentrates give more users the opportunity to enjoy and even indulge in festive beverages this holiday season,” said Daniel Birnbaum, CEO of SodaStream, in a statement.

Unfortunately the Sparkling Gold is only available on the company’s German website, so it may prove difficult to get ahold of for customers in the U.S. If anyone manages it, they’ll find it comes in a fittingly festive gold-tinted 200-milliliter bottle.

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