The latest tech from Jim Beam is a voice-activated decanter that does what on command?

Answer: Pours a shot of whiskey.

by / November 30, 2017

It might also deliver some snarky comments while it’s at it.

JIM, the smart decanter by Jim Beam, is bit like a sassy, rugged-voiced Alexa that doubles as a bartender. Just say “Hey Jim, pour me a drink,” and he’s on it. You can also ask him questions like “Hey Jim, what’s the best way to drink bourbon?,” to which he has a colorful response. JIM’s voice is that of Fred Noe, a whiskey-world celebrity and seventh-generation master distiller with Jim Beam.

The decanter’s smart feature uses 3G, but after six months the 3G will deactivate. After that, JIM becomes just another regular decanter. JIM is available in Jim Beam’s online store for $34.90.

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