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Can frogs make phone calls?

Answer: No, but scientists can now use their cellphones to make calls to the frogs' ponds.

by / December 9, 2019

It should come as no surprise that this device has been named the FrogPhone.

The FrogPhone is a solar-powered device that can be installed at any frog pond that has 3G or 4G cellular coverage. Then, any scientist with the number can pick up the phone and give the device a call. When it answers, the FrogPhone will play the sounds that it is picking up from the pond over the phone in real time, as well as sending text messages with information on the current air and water temperatures as well as the device’s battery level.

“The FrogPhone will help to drastically reduce the costs and risks involved in remote or high-intensity surveys. Its use will also minimize potential negative impacts of human presence at survey sites,” said Anke Maria Hoefe, Australian Capital Territory and Region Frogwatch Program coordinator.

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