How long has it been since Puma made its first smart shoe?

Answer: 32 years.

by / December 12, 2018

It never went anywhere in 1986, but in today’s computerized era the Running System (RS) Computer could be a hit.

Beginning Dec. 13, Puma will sell a very limited quantity of its retro step-counting shoe. Back when it was first released, the wearer had to connect the very noticeable computer in the shoe to a command line interface using a 16-pin cable (a.k.a., ancient technology) in order to check their steps. Fortunately, the technology has been updated to do that wirelessly in the reboot version, although the computer is still as noticeable as in the original.

The RS Computer contains a modern accelerometer for tracking steps and distance traveled. The shoe can be recharged via micro USB and stores up to 30 days of data. Puma has made 86 pairs total, which will be sold at their stores in London, Berlin and Tokyo, as well as a few other retailers.