Which logo change has garnered public disdain?

Which logo change has garnered public disdain?

by / December 13, 2012
Image courtesy of University of California

Answer: University of California


In the history of logo debuts perhaps very few have garnered public heat. University of California can write a branding guide when it comes to lessons learned and best practices. The university updated what it thought was an old-fashioned Victorian seal to something "hideous" and bearing the semblance of a toilet, according to irate students on various media outlets. But students and alumni will have none of this monogram madness. A petition on Change.org is making its rounds on the Internet supported by the likes of Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom to stop the new logo. "As a member of #UC Boards of Regents, I agree with petition, new logo is a disaster. Sign the petition," tweeted Newsom. The petition has more than 46,000 signatures -- less than 4,000 away from its goal. 

Perhaps the university should have consulted with Gap before its logo redesign. 

Image courtesy of the University of California


Karen Stewartson

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