When is the best time to take a ‘volcano selfie’?

Answer: Never. Never, ever.

by / December 28, 2018

Last week, the Royal Geographical Society released a report suggesting that an increasing number of people build their travel plans around their social media. And they’re willing to take risks, including getting up close and personal with an active volcano, to get that perfect shot.

According to the report’s author, Amy Donovan, more and more people are booking a plane ticket as soon as they learn about a volcano beginning to erupt, a phenomenon she calls “volcano tourism.” And when they arrive, they are likely to get way too close. “You can breathe the gas, hear the sounds the earth is making. They want to get closer to feel the power of the earth,” she told the BBC.

The problem is that the gas they’re breathing is poisonous, and the sounds of the Earth are signs that it's going to throw molten rock at them. The lesson here is simple: No Instagram “like” is worth putting yourself in a dangerous position.