Who is the intended audience of a new musical Alexa skill?

Answer: Dogs!

by / August 27, 2019

iHeartRadio introduced a new skill for Amazon’s Alexa on Monday to celebrate International Dog Day. Called Puppy Jams!, the new skill plays specially curated playlists based on your pooch’s mood and can be used even when you’re not home.

After launching it with the command “Alexa, open Puppy Jams!” you can choose your dog’s current mood from one of three options: stressed, lonely or happy. The speaker will then begin playing an iHeartRadio playlist designed specifically for dogs in that mood. 

The playlists are designed to be listened to by dogs, not humans, so there won’t be any dog-themed songs. Instead, the playlists consist of classical compositions with elements like piano and reggae that have been proven to help calm canines. Studies show that reggae and soft rock decrease dogs’ stress levels, and classical music increases their sleep time. So the next time your dog gets nervous or overexcited, you can look to Alexa to help them relax.

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