The 5 Most Popular Stories of 2011


by / December 23, 2011





Five Emerging Technologies Soon to Hit the Government Market
When future historians look back on 2011, they’ll certainly conclude that we were a society obsessed with video games, minicomputers masquerading as phones and an endless supply of online distraction. But in a few years, many technologies developed in service of these functions may be repurposed in extraordinarily sensible ways

Goodbye to the Crown Victoria Police Car Sad for Some
The iconic Ford Crown Victoria squad car, which has remained relatively unchanged since its introduction in 1992, will stop production late this year and be replaced by Ford’s new line of Police Interceptors. The automaker says the new model, based on the Taurus, will be more fuel efficient, safer and come with more horsepower under the hood.

IT Retirement Wave Still Coming Despite Economy
New data released by NASCIO suggests that the sluggish economy of the past three years has delayed but not eliminated the expected exodus of aging IT workers from state government.

Smart Highways, Smarter Drivers
In Washington state, on the busiest stretch of Interstate 5, motorists can see trouble coming a mile away — all they need to do is read the signs. Overhead, new high-tech gantries display real-time traffic information about collisions or construction work ahead.

Site Reveals Salaries of New York State Employees
The Empire Center for New York State Policy launched a website that reveals everything financial about New York state government, including a complete list of state government employees, job titles and salaries and teachers' union and superintendent contracts for nearly every school district.

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