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This company uses plastic and old roads to make what?

Answer: New roads.

Asphalt pavement. Officials estimated that paving a runway at JFK Airport with asphalt would cost $500 million more over the life of the runway than concrete, despite lower initial cost.
Wikimedia Commons/ kallerna
TechniSoil Industrial has come up with a new road asphalt that it claims is 8 to 13 times stronger than that of regular roads and 25 percent cheaper to produce. The new asphalt is 100 percent recycled, made from old road asphalt and recycled plastic.

The process is relatively simple. The company has a machine that tears up the current asphalt and grinds it up. The machine then crushes the ground asphalt and combines it with a liquid plastic made from melted-down recycled plastics. It is then pumped back out of the machine and onto a paver, which puts it back on the road using a normal process. 

The plastic acts as a binder and makes the new asphalt much stronger than the older stuff, meaning it will take longer for it to wear down and require replacing. While this is a more sustainable process because it reuses old materials rather than creating new ones, there are still some concerns that require more study. Some worry that the plastic in the asphalt will leach out and get into the surrounding soil and waterways. And others are concerned that the practice of melting down plastic will increase air pollution.