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How many fake COVID-19 cures has had to remove?

Answer: 1 million.

As public fears rise surrounding the spread of the new coronavirus, known officially as COVID-19, so too have scammers looking to profit from it. They’ve taken to sites like in droves, peddling products that they claim will kill or defend against the virus.

According to CNET, Amazon has reacted accordingly by launching a massive clampdown on such fake products. So far, the e-commerce giant has removed more than 1 million — that’s right, 1 million — listings for items that falsely claim to be a cure for the virus. The company has also had to remove listings for thousands of items such as face masks due to price gouging, when the seller raises the price beyond a reasonable amount.

Amazon isn’t the only company that has had to crack down on fake COVID-19 cures. Beginning this week, Facebook has altered the rules for advertisements on its platform that mention the virus. This includes an outright ban on any ads that specifically mention a cure.