What technology is helping farmers improve tomato harvests in Arizona?

Answer: artificial intelligence

More and more, farmers are using tech to improve crop growth, from data-driven approaches to using drones to increase yields. And now, artificial intelligence (AI) is in the mix.

NatureSweet grows tomatoes on six farms in both the U.S. and Mexico, and began testing AI almost a year ago at one of its farms in Arizona to better control pests and diseases in its greenhouses. The technology has already improved harvests and reduced labor costs, according to CNN Tech, which reported that so far, NatureSweet's weekly harvests have grown 2 percent to 4 percent — but the tomato farm plans to roll this AI tech out to all of its locations soon.

NatureSweet Chief Innovation Officer Adrian Almeida told CNN Tech that he believes AI will eventually improve his greenhouses' tomato yields by 20 percent.

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