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What is a space selfie?

Answer: A selfie that is displayed in space.

Samsung wanted to bring the space selfie, something that normally only an astronaut could do, to the masses with its SpaceSelfie initiative. So the tech company launched a high-altitude balloon into space with a Samsung Galaxy S10 attached for displaying selfies.

Once the device was in orbit, users could submit a selfie on the Mission Control website. Their image would be displayed on the smartphone, and an image of the phone with outer space behind it would be beamed back to Earth for all to see. The initial selfie displayed was one of model and actress Cara Delevingne, the first-ever space selfie, according to Samsung.

The whole endeavor ended a bit prematurely, however, when the contraption crash-landed on a Michigan property five days before its scheduled re-entry. Digital Trends reports that no one was injured in the crash, although the resident was undoubtedly surprised to find a wrecked satellite in their backyard.

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