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What’s creepier than a webcam that looks like a human eye?

Answer: A webcam that looks and moves like a human eye.

Marc Teyssier
It goes without saying that your webcam is always watching you when it’s turned on, but this webcam takes that a little too literally.  

From the team that brought us that very creepy phone case that looked and acted like real human skin comes another disturbingly realistic piece of human-looking tech: the Eyecam. It’s basically a webcam that looks exactly like a real human eye, complete with lids, lashes and a brow. But this camera does more than look like a real eye — it moves like one too.

That is thanks to the six electric servos or motors that allow the eyeball and surrounding components to move. Controlled by an Arduino Nano, these motors work together to make the Eyecam blink, look around and move it’s eyebrow in imitation of real-life human movements. The actual camera is at the center of the device, surrounded by a fake silicone skull.

The team has made the camera completely open source, so if you are for some reason inclined to build your own, you can find all the digital files you need on GitHub. They’re also working on an instructional video to make the process easier.

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