Experts Discuss Online Warfare, Budget Strategies, Mobility Challenges (VIDEOS)

The hottest topics from the RSA Conference in San Francisco.

by / March 22, 2012

The cybersecurity industry is constantly changing, as the public and private sectors try to keep pace with ever-evolving threats in the online world. Government Technology recently asked security experts what’s on their mind, as they attended the annual RSA Conference in San Francisco.

Government agencies often have fewer resources to spend on cybersecurity than large corporations. We asked security experts for their advice on what cash-strapped public professionals can do to protect assets.


The potential threat of “cyberwarfare” has been a popular news headline recently, but is the danger overblown, scaremongering, or does it accurately describe the state of modern cyberattacks? We asked security experts for their opinions on the issue.


IT security professionals are challenged by our increasingly mobile world. We asked experts how enterprise cybersecurity changes for a workforce that’s constantly on the go.



Hilton Collins

Hilton Collins is a former staff writer for Government Technology and Emergency Management magazines.

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