GovTech Innovators: Mark Russinovich, Thriller Writer and Microsoft Idea Machine (VIDEO)

Meet the author / IT expert who thinks up fictional cyberthreats that mirror real life.

by / September 28, 2012

If you’re looking for a techno thriller that uses today’s hottest headlines as the backdrop for intrigue, danger and excitement, then Mark Russinovich’s novels are must-haves for your bookshelf. 

He crafts fiction in which cyberthreats take control of passenger planes, the electrical grid, and our crucial infrastructure — putting federal agents and IT pros in mortal danger as they investigate plots against the U.S.

Russinovich’s most recent book Trojan Horse has cybersecurity analyst Jeff Aiken caught up in a web of state-sponsored computer espionage that threatens international relations. It’s a follow-up to his debut book Zero Day where hack attacks take out airliner controls and nuclear cooling systems, prompting Aiken to thwart deadly cyberterrorists. Each book currently rates above four stars on Amazon.

Russinovich also has written a short story titled Operation Desolation, another intrigue featuring Aiken, the main protagonist. The author’s third novel, Rogue Code, is scheduled for release in spring 2014.

Russinovich is not just an author. He writes from experience. He currently is a technical fellow for Microsoft’s Platform and Services Division.

This GovTech innovator uses his smarts to entertain and keep countless desktops and laptops running smoothly in homes and workplaces around the world.

Check out our Google Hangout to see what he’s been up to.


Hilton Collins

Hilton Collins is a former staff writer for Government Technology and Emergency Management magazines.

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