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IBM Introduces the Fastest Global Mirror for Disaster Recovery

IBM Introduces the Fastest Global Mirror for Disaster Recovery

by / April 28, 2004
ARMONK, N.Y. -- April 24, 2004 -- IBM has announced a storage technology designed to help clients protect and recover critical data at global backup locations at some of the fastest speeds available.

Branded IBM Global Mirror for Enterprise Storage, the technology provides global backup and recovery protection at speeds approaching those achievable at local distances. Beginning in May, clients can employ the technology as part of disaster recovery solutions designed to help protect them from regional events such as hurricanes or earthquakes.

TotalStorage Global Mirror for the IBM TotalStorage Enterprise Storage Server (ESS) is part of a lineup of technologies that IBM provides to help address customers' top priorities in business continuity -- high availability, continuous operations and disaster recovery.

"In the context of outages -- planned or unplanned -- every second is of critical importance," said Tom Hawk, general manager of Enterprise Storage at IBM. "The value of lost -- or saved -- data is virtually incalculable. Global Mirror is designed to help customers maintain high availability among business processes and key business applications in a cost-conscious manner -- across the globe and at some of the fastest speeds available today."

According to IBM, Global Mirror uses breakthrough innovations within asynchronous PPRC (peer-to-peer remote copy) technology to help speed disk mirroring at distances more than 300 kilometers with a delay that can be as low as three to five seconds. The new product is designed to move data great distances at high speeds while maintaining the integrity of the data in transit.

The product is also designed to allow massive data transfers while avoiding disruption to IT performance or availability. The Global Mirror for ESS requires only two fibre channel links per storage system where a number of other comparable technologies may require four links. This performance can help reduce infrastructure costs.

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