Ohio Airport Adopts Biometric System

Technology being used to identify Toledo's airport employees

by / September 29, 2003
TOLEDO, Ohio -- Demonstrating its commitment to security and serving as an example for other airports to follow, Toledo Express Airport, Toledo, OH, unveiled its new biometric security system, which accurately verifies the identity of an individual by the unique physical characteristics of his or her hand. With the new system, Toledo Express is the second airport in the United States and the first in the Midwest to completely control access to its tarmac and other sensitive areas using biometric technologies.

With HandReaders from Recognition Systems Inc. (RSI), a business of Ingersoll-Rand Company Limited, Toledo Express Airport now can monitor the movements of airport employees throughout its facility, ensuring that only approved personnel can gain entrance to the tarmac and other critical areas. Through its installation of RSI biometric HandReaders, Toledo Express Airport joins San Francisco International Airport, with its 18,000 employees, as the only two U.S. airports to use biometrics to completely control access to tarmacs. Both airports use RSI's HandReaders.

"Security is a paramount issue for the air service industry. By electing to use this system to monitor our employees, Toledo Express joins an elite group of airports that employs biometrics, one of the most effective security technologies for optimizing security for employees and passengers," said Paul L. Toth, Jr., Airports Director for the Toledo-Lucas County Port Authority.

The devices use patented technologies to analyze more than 90 unique measurements of the size and shape of a person's hand, taking only a few seconds to complete. The hand geometry is then compared to information in a central database that tracks and monitors employee movements and access to sensitive areas.

Along with Toledo Express Airport, numerous regional and international airports have selected RSI biometric HandReaders to secure vital operations areas within their facilities, including Norman Y. Mineta San Jose International Airport in San Jose, CA; Boise Airport in Idaho; Salt Lake City Airport in Utah and Manchester International in the United Kingdom.

Toledo Express is among a group of airports globally that has begun to employ RSI HandReaders to monitor employees, who often have access to sensitive areas of an airport where employee and passenger security could be compromised. In addition to Toledo Express, San Francisco International Airport and Ben Gurion Airport in Israel use RSI HandReaders to monitor employees for greater security. Every day SFO processes 18,000 employees with access to critical air operations through the RSI HandReaders.