Overland Storage Announces Highest-Performing Disk-Based Backup and Recovery Appliance

Overland Storage Announces Highest-Performing Disk-Based Backup and Recovery Appliance

by / April 28, 2004
SAN DIEGO -- April 21, 2004 -- Overland Storage has introduced its next-generation, high-performance disk-based backup and recovery appliance. Unlike other disk-based products, according to the company, the new REO 4000 is specifically designed to optimize both backup and recovery, resulting in near-instantaneous restores and significantly shorter backup windows.

The REO 4000 offers an array of features and options that ensure easy integration into existing data protection environments, said Overland. As a result, REO 4000 delivers an industry-leading combination of backup and recovery performance, flexibility, reliability and affordability.

"The REO 4000's unique combination of speed, flexibility and features enables it to meet our customers' ever changing data protection requirements," said Robert Scroop, vice president and general manager of the Storage Resource Business Unit for Overland Storage. "By significantly improving data recovery times, reducing backup windows and protecting existing technology investments, the REO 4000 delivers cost-effective, reliable data protection."

The REO 4000 is a preconfigured appliance incorporating high-capacity serial ATA disks, specialized software, both iSCSI and Fibre Channel connectivity, and RAID 5 capabilities. With data transfer rates of up to 300 GB per hour, REO can reduce the time it takes to back up and recover, and performs up to 300 percent faster than many other disk-based products. In addition, the REO 4000 is capable of operating as either disk or virtual tape, enabling it to easily integrate into existing backup and recovery processes.

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Blake Harris Editor
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