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What does this mean?

Civix Expands its Election Platform with New Capabilities

Election industry leaders Civix and DemTech recently announced a new partnership that will provide election officials with an end-to-end election management system. In this Q and A, Michael Wons, President of Civix Government, discusses how the platform’s capabilities will help solve common voter pain points and improve the voting process moving forward.

What’s the significance of the agreement with DemTech for the Civix election platform? What capabilities does the platform now have?

Civix has been in the election business for more than 25 years. We have built out these systems state by state. With that experience and with input from lieutenant governors, secretaries of state and other election officials, we launched an election platform with a modern, cloud-native architecture and our Civix 360 security services on top of it.

Our work with DemTech allows us to provide an expanded platform that will increase accessibility and transparency across the elections spectrum, including voter registration, absentee and mail-in voting, elections results reporting, elections validation and support, redistricting, campaign finance and management, poll worker administration and e-poll books. This is all designed to assist individuals who are working at polling places and to help voters easily navigate the process. DemTech has a modern and secure platform that runs on any type of tablet device, so poll workers can walk around the polling place and help people move through the experience.

What will new offerings from Civix, such as Intelligent Voter Information System, combined with the election platform bring to the market in terms of functionality?

It gives us the big picture and is an end-to-end, fully integrated system that starts at making sure core voter registration is validated and ends at the actual running of the election, including certification by state officials. It provides a one-stop shop and a trusted source for voters to go through the experience and make sure their vote was counted. There are literally thousands of elections happening every year, and that’s where Civix shines. We’re able to take care of the largest or the smallest elections and empower state, county and jurisdiction election officials with a simple, secure and modern way to help people navigate the voting experience.

How will these new offerings address some of the voter challenges/pain points?

They will make it easier for individuals to register to vote and go through the voting process. We don’t want people showing up to vote and finding out they’re not registered. Typically, today you arrive at the polling place and stand in line to wait your turn, and then talk to someone and pull out your identification card and then in many states they look at that card to make sure it’s you. Then they hand you a ballot and you go into a little cubbyhole and complete your ballot.

The focus is to make that process simpler for the voter, including letting them know where the polling place is and if they’re registered to vote. If the polling place changes, the system sends an alert or reminder of the location, directions and time of the election.

What ultimate impact might these technologies have on the overall voting process going forward?

First and foremost, we wanted more people to be able to register and vote. This provides an end-to-end experience, where you can see in the palm of your hand if your ballot was filed and accepted and counted. You can see election results in real time, even before the polling places are closed. And the dedicated Americans who work so hard to make elections successful are now empowered with technology that’s simple, modern and secure to make sure the election experience is positive for everyone.