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My Journey With Maximus

See how District of Columbia’s (D.C.) government's Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) program found a diligent and thorough partnership with Maximus.

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When Ms. King’s* children grew old enough for her to return to work, she sought help from her local government in finding a new career and a path to financial independence. After being referred to Maximus as part of the District of Columbia’s (D.C.) government's Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) program, Ms. King found a team of career coaches and help that made all the difference. Ms. King shared her experiences in working with Maximus on her path to employment.

My journey with Maximus has been incredibly rewarding. The D.C. Department of Employment Services (DOES), who runs the TANF program, originally referred me to another workforce services provider, but they were just so disappointing. When I took that first referral, I was so excited to have resources available to help, and I had really high expectations about where I could land professionally. But, the provider just couldn't match my enthusiasm. I felt like I was just a number or a case file, and I knew that there had to be a better way forward. So, I went back to DOES and the TANF program office, and I asked if they’d refer me to another partner's program office, which turned out to be Maximus. I had heard of Maximus and their "Maximus way" of getting after it, so I asked to be sent there. The program did — and I cannot tell you how incredible my experience was. Maximus showed diligence and thoroughness in their efforts, and they demostrated enthusiasm and excitement in helping me. The Maximus staff really want you to find work. They care. And they made sure I knew it.

The first time I met my advisor, I was astonished by how much energy and passion he brought to the process. He was genuinely excited to connect me with work where I would excel and thrive. It was obviously never only about getting to some quota of interviews or a minimum number of applications. He was committed to finding a good fit for me. He was incredibly supportive, and I felt like I finally had a coach and someone on my side in my career search. Everyone at the Maximus office went over and above.

Every day they would follow up and call or text me to ask, “What are you working on? Do you need some help?” I don't think you'll ever get that from another provider. I needed a sense of urgency, and they never let me down.

I did have some challenges along the way — balancing life, family and a job search is probably never easy for anybody. But, Maximus really went to bat for me and helped me find workarounds and opportunities that matched my situation.

I am so pleased with my Maximus experience. They made it clear from the moment I walked in the door that they were there to help people. It wasn't like they just made a phone call, and then all of a sudden, I had my dream job. In fact, if you're just looking to check a box to fill a requirement, or if you just want to do the bare minimum to keep your benefits, you should probably just go to another company or workforce office. Maximus is going to help you to do more and be more and set higher goals. Maximus is going to take that seriously and expects you to take that seriously too. The people who work for Maximus are there to help you — and they are just tireless in their efforts.

Maximus never gave up on me. It didn't happen overnight, but they got me going and helped me build momentum. They helped me get to the right job fairs, and helped me to build up soft skills, and worked with me on my networking skills, and focused on building up my confidence. After some hard work, I found the right opportunity at a career fair that Maximus helped connect me to. I got the job, and I think my advisor might have been just as excited as I was.

Would I recommend Maximus? Absolutely. No hesitation. The Maximus team worked just as hard as I did to get my career going, and they helped me achieve my goals. I'm thankful for everything they did, and I would not hesitate a moment to recommend them to anyone looking to find financial independence and build a better life.

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*Name has been changed to protect the participant’s privacy