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Election Tech

Stories about the systems and technologies that enable the smooth and efficient running of U.S. elections. Also includes challenges related to election security and integrity.

Attacks on state and local systems didn't let up in the last quarter of 2022, while governments nationwide prepared to keep the Nov. 8 elections secure and free from the influence of mis- and disinformation.
Election-related disinformation built on strategies tested in 2020, and its believers remain a strong community, those watching the space say. Though voters rejected many election denier candidates, there is still cause for concern.
Secretary of State-elect Wes Allen has announced his intention to withdraw from the Electronic Registration Information Center, a collaboration between 33 states aimed at cross-checking voter registration data.
White House Homeland Security Advisor Elizabeth Sherwood-Randall said this week that the recent midterm elections did not see significant, disruptive attacks against election infrastructure.
A vote tabulation glitch in Arizona’s Maricopa County and an attempted takedown of voter-facing websites in Mississippi prompted a flurry of election misinformation and efforts from officials to set the record straight.
The Mercer County Commission allocated money the day after Election Day to replace the county's voting machines with a new system. The funding comes from the American Rescue Plan and Coal Severance Tax.
Falsehoods are likely to proliferate as voters await final results of Tuesday's election, but efforts to communicate heavily about the process — and to explain any Election Day hiccups — can help, experts say.
As officials attempt to assuage fears of election impropriety fueled by mis- and disinformation, the state’s Department of Public Safety is cracking down on phone-based scams to steal voters’ personal data.
Following technical problems that forced a return to paper poll books in the May primary election, officials in Berks County, Pa., are putting electronic poll books through their paces ahead of the general election.
The County Elections Administration was approved to purchase several pieces of election software. The $42,800 purchase will be made with money from $120,000 the county received under the Help America Vote Act with a county match.