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Election Tech

Stories about the systems and technologies that enable the smooth and efficient running of U.S. elections. Also includes challenges related to election security and integrity.

Illinois legislators passed a bill recently that would expand police officers' ability to use surveillance drones for security purposes during special events like parades, festivals, concerts and races.
Artificial intelligence looks like a political campaign manager’s dream because it could tune its persuasion efforts to millions of people individually — but it could be a nightmare for democracy.
The Hillsborough County Supervisor of Elections Office announced that the private information of 58,000 voters was exposed when an unauthorized user appeared to have accessed and copied files containing personal identification information.
Despite the widespread anxiety over deepfakes’ effects on democracy, political consultants say they are more excited about generative AI’s potential to tackle boring grunt work and expand their ability to deploy big-race tactics in down-ballot contests.
A proposal that would allow the spouses and voting-age dependents of deployed military members to vote online is facing criticism from some security experts who argue it would expose the election system to unnecessary risk.
Gov. Brian Kemp has blocked $550,000 in state funds for tech intended to reduce wait times when voters check in at polls. Instead, that money would have to come from county governments during next year’s elections.
More than three dozen former election officials, members of Congress and Cabinet secretaries are calling on lawmakers to make at least $400 million in election security grant funding available for fiscal 2024.

The Lake County Board of Elections is considering whether to implement poll worker management software they purchased or break the contract with the software provider amid security concerns.
The Cayuga County Board of Elections is now moving forward with its plans to buy new voting machines as the current machines reach the end of their useful lifespans.
Caught by surveillance video, text messages and emails, overwhelming evidence shows that supporters of then-President Donald Trump copied Georgia’s statewide voting software from an election office in early 2021.