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Angst between the County Commission and the Sheriff’s Office over the regional emergency call dispatching center continues to mount as politicians question the Sheriff’s Office about why the county lags in 911 tech.
From Titusville to Tampa, people across the state of Florida were awoken early Saturday morning to the sound of the SpaceX plane X-37B returning to Earth after a record-breaking 908 days in orbit.
New laws in Florida and Texas set the stage for states to have more control over what’s posted on social media, but that could soon be tested at the U.S. Supreme Court and mean potential changes to the First Amendment.
Two years in, the relatively young IT agency is working to build a team, build trust and build up, says CIO Jamie Grant. The process has required a significant shift away from "business as usual."
The recently announced funds will be used to expand cybersecurity and IT education programs across the state to help grow the state's high-tech workforce. The money is part of a larger $30 million workforce training push.
In partnership with, the Florida Department of Transportation is piloting a new technology solution that aims to improve work zone safety throughout the state's highway network with real-time updates.
UF researchers are working with the data analytics company SAS to gather data and investigate the connections between pollution, ocean circulation, coastal water quality and economics using water forecasting technology.
The Space Launch Delta 45 weather squadron forecast predicts only a 50 percent chance for favorable launch conditions with thunderstorms threatening the Space Coast in the afternoon and evening.
The nonprofit Center for Data Innovation praises a partnership between the University of Florida and tech company NVIDIA as a model for other institutions to develop AI research and education.
Police reform advocates speak out against Florida's transparency database, saying it doesn't include citizen complaints and some police officers with controversial histories don't show up at all.