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Urban Planning

Stories about urban and regional planning, including low-income housing, transit-oriented and infill development, bike lanes, bus rapid transit and transportation data.

Reducing traffic deaths is a compelling proposition, but it gets complicated when trying to make it so.
City Councilmembers in the Silicon Valley city recently voted to seek state and federal funding to cover a portion of the service’s annual cost. Other operational details remain to be resolved, including how far users would be able to travel.
The redesigned platform — believed to be the first of its kind at launch — enhances how residents, businesses and governments can access and view statewide land ownership data. Mobile performance and print functions are also improved.
Reasoning that the electric vehicle market is likely to grow, and retrofitting is expensive, the St. Paul, Minn., City Council may require future lots with more than 15 spaces to be EV-ready. They would have to have conduit for charging stations.
In late April, the San Diego City Council will consider a contract that would commission public charging stations at an array of city facilities. Councilmembers wonder whether revenue generated will sufficiently cover reimbursement costs.
The Indiana Department of Transportation is working with Purdue University and power unit maker Cummins to build a segment that can wirelessly charge electric vehicles as they are driven. The stretch of road will be roughly one-quarter mile.
The AllianceTexas Mobility Innovation Zone in Fort Worth is becoming a center for developing next-gen transportation technologies. It’s situated near an interstate, rail lines and an air cargo hub.
Cities and states are working on novel solutions to old, intractable problems. Governing magazine’s return to print showcases stories of the people who are making them work across the country.
Faced with increasing traffic and declining gas tax revenue, policymakers and city planners are taking another look at dynamic pricing. If you love buying airline and concert tickets, they have got a deal for you.
The federal grant from the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law will pay for a project to increase safety in the downtown Fremont Street area, including using AI to adjust traffic signals and the timing of crossing flashers.