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Charleston, W.Va., Approves Mobile Parking Meter Agreement

The city council approved the agreement with Park Mobile to provide app-based parking permit services to residents.

by Lori Kersey, The Charleston Gazette / December 19, 2017

(TNS) — If all goes as planned, people will be able to use smartphones to pay for parking in Charleston beginning in February.

Charleston City Council on Monday passed a resolution authorizing an agreement with Park Mobile LLC to provide mobile parking permit services.

For the first phase of the project, stickers will be attached to about 800 parking meters in an area of the city from Pennsylvania Avenue to Morris Street.

Parking at meters with stickers can be paid for via the ParkMobile smartphone app, said Mary Dickerson, director of traffic, parking and transportation for the city. People may also continue to pay with quarters.

The first phase won’t cost the city anything for the stickers or signs for the app, Dickerson said. The only fee will be $0.40 per transaction paid for by those parking.

Phase 2 of the project will be to install new smart parking meters in the downtown corridor of the city at a cost of approximately $1,500 each, Dickerson said.

The parking changes come after a study of the city’s parking was completed last fall and presented to council in June.

Also at council, a bill was introduced to adjust the rates people pay to park. If the ordinance passes, beginning Feb. 5, parking prices will be:

$1 per hour on the 400 block of Laidley Street and the 500 and 600 block of Donnally Street in the area of Saint Francis Hospital.

$0.25 per hour in the 500 block of Summers Street; 700 and 800 block of Donnally Street; 500 and 600 block of Capitol Street; 600 block of Eagan Street; 700 and 800 block of Christopher Street; 300, 400 and 500 block of Dickinson Street; 300, 400 and 500 block of Leon Sullivan Way; 300 through 600 block of Morris Street; 1200 block of Lewis Street; 1000 through 1200 block of Washington Street; and 1100 and 1200 block of Virginia Street East.

The ordinance would also adjust parking payments beginning May 21 or when the smart parking meters are installed, whichever is later, to be:

Rate of $1 for first hour, $1.50 for second hour and additional $1.50 for the third hour with a three-hour maximum time for the following locations: 100 and 200 block of Hale Street, unit block of Dunbar Street, 200 block of Leon Sullivan Way, unit block to 400 block of Capitol Street, unit block to 300 block of Summers Street, unit block to 300 block of Laidley Street, 800 block of Kanawha Boulevard, 1000 block of Virginia Street East, 500 to 1000 block of Quarrier Street.

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