Brian Miller

October 31, 1996

European Cities Link to Improve Quality of Life

European cities pool resources to exchange successful IT strategies.

September 30, 1996

Philadelphia CIO

Philadelphia's CIO since 1993 has overseen the implementation of 49 new applications, the creation of a tech training center and the consolidation of six data centers.

August 31, 1996

Online Dispute Arbitration

With millions of people using online services, disputes over postings are inevitable. The Virtual Magistrate offers arbitration.

July 31, 1996

Missouri Databases Help Solve Crimes

A peanut in the stomach of a murder victim and a candy wrapper in an automobile lead to an arrest.

June 30, 1996

Isolated Schools Link to Internet

Canadian schools, in cooperation with the government, are finding unique ways to finance connections to the Internet.

May 31, 1996

Governments Pushing for Access Fees

Is providing electronic access to government data an "enhanced" service for which a fee can be collected, or do fees create an information underclass and shut the door on citizens whose taxes paid to collect the information in the first place?

April 30, 1996

Web Sites Battle Kiosks for Public Access Crown

How do public information kiosks stack up against Internet Web sites as a method of delivering information and services to the public?

March 31, 1996

Data Center Evolution

Private-sector concepts and mainframe computers are a good match for tomorrow

February 29, 1996

Court Reporting: From Stenography to Technology

Will court reporters evolve from stenographers to information managers, or be replaced by new technologies?

January 31, 1996

Larry Irving

Larry Irving, administrator of the U.S. Commerce Department's National Telecommunications and Information Administration, is leading the federal government's effort to develop the National Information Infrastructure. Irving's office coordinates the Telecommunications and Information Infrastructure Assistance Program (TIIAP) grants, which provide matching funds for online projects demonstrating uses of the NII in schools, libraries and other institutions.

December 31, 1995

Albert Vann

Assemblyman Albert Vann, who represents a Brooklyn district in the New York Legislature, chairs the Corporations, Authorities and Commissions Committee. The standing committee has jurisdiction over telecommunications issues, which gives Vann the opportunity to push for access to the emerging information infrastructure for inner city and rural residents.

November 30, 1995

Speeding Oil Spill Response

In October 1994, floodwaters ripped oil pipelines loose, spreading flaming oil down the San Jacinto river.

October 31, 1995

National CIO? Congress Says No

Congress briefly considered creating a Chief Information Officer (CIO) to coordinate information technology for the entire federal government. This summer, however, the bill changed.

September 30, 1995

Cyahoga County, Ohio

Cyahoga County, Ohio

August 31, 1995

States Steal a March on Federal Telecom Reform

State governments are moving ahead of Congress in telecom reform, and are coming up with a variety of approaches

July 31, 1995

The Great Equalizers - Libraries and Internet Access

Those who cannot afford online access or don't need it often enough to subscribe to an Internet provider often turn to public libraries.

June 30, 1995

AIIM's New International Image

A report from the leading edge of imaging: the 1995 AIIM Show in San Francisco.

May 31, 1995


Telephone Tax Filing Hitting Stride in Massachusetts.

April 30, 1995

You Can Drive, But You Can't Hide

A nationwide network that allows Motor Vehicle Departments to exchange violation and suspended license information is being tested by a few states.

February 28, 1995

Finding the Way: Navigation Devices and Public Safety

Vehicle navigation devices with electronic maps and turning directions are being used in some rental cars and are being offered as an option for some new cars. The devices, which are increasingly hitting the U.S. market, could be used by public safety vehicles.

January 31, 1995

Telecommunications Reform Returns to Congress

Telecommunications legislation - which will dictate how we communicate for decades to come - is under way in Congress. Who's in charge and what are the stakes for state and local governments?

December 31, 1994

Internet Tide Raises Government Information

The politics and the technology of the Internet.