James Evans

January 31, 1998

Cybervoting for the People

E-voting battles low voter turnout by allowing citizens to cast ballots from anywhere around the world.

August 31, 1997

Judiciary Battles To Computerize Citing System

A publishing company -- stalwart of the Paper Age -- is feeling the effects as a group of judges, lawyers and others push to move citations online.

May 31, 1997

Justice Agency "Berlin Wall" Pulled Down

Barriers of turf and technology fall in the service of integrated justice information.

March 31, 1997

Rule Proposed for Electronic Court Record Access

Rule Proposed for Electronic Court Record Access

November 30, 1996

Domain Names vs. Trademarks

The conflict between Internet domain names and trademarks is intensifying, while experts say there just aren't enough domain names to go around.

February 29, 1996

New York Tackles Storage and Access

Local governments had to learn new skills to comply with a new public records law.

November 30, 1995

Don't Dial http:// For Murder

Police departments across the country are beginning to use the World Wide Web to interact with the public.

October 31, 1995

Government on the Web

Government indeed likes the Internet. But the question is, is government providing anything useful, or is it there for the thrill of it?

June 30, 1995

Connecting Schools to the Internet

While the Internet can be a valuable tool in education, lack of training and difficulties with funding are significant problems for K-12 schools.

April 30, 1995

Kiosk Check-In for Probationers

While jails around the U.S. fill to maximum capacity rapidly, some counties are finding new ways to keep a close watch on probationed violators that also saves them time and money.

February 28, 1995

Looking for Federal Legislation? Talk to Thomas

Thomas, the new key to accessing the Library of Congress' legislative archives, can locate federal legislation from 1973 to the present.

January 31, 1995

Visit the Library of Congress via the Internet

The Library of Congress is now accessible online, offering users a wealth of information to explore. Here's how to get there from here.