Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges

Minneapolis Mayor Says Police Body Camera Policy Must Change

In a public call for changes in police policy in the wake of a shooting Saturday, Mayor Betsy Hodges said in a blog post that she expects police to activate their body cameras as soon as they begin responding to a call.

D.C., NYC, Philly Unaware of Approval for Elon Musk's East Coast Hyperloop Project

The city of Philadelphia has not had any contact with Musk on this issue, and a spokesman said he wasn't sure what Musk meant when he referred to "verbal government approval" for the project.
Mid-Sized Cities
Smart Cities Connect

Smart Cities Connect Conference Will Move from Austin, Texas, to Kansas City, Mo., Officials Say

An extension of the Smart Cities Innovation Challenge, the event's first two editions have been held in Austin, but it was always intended to circulate among technologically progressive cities.