Arkansas Secretary of State Launches Voter View

One of the benefits of Arkansas's new statewide voter database

by / October 4, 2006
Arkansas Secretary of State Charlie Daniels today launched "Voter View," a search engine that will allow registered voters in Arkansas to lookup their voter registration information online. Polling place and absentee ballot searches are also included.

Name and birth date are all that is required for a registered voter to view his or her voting status (active or inactive), current address, party affiliation (if designated), and polling place. The following district information is also listed: congressional district, state Senate district, state representative district, judicial district, judicial district subdivision, district court, school district, justice of the peace, wards, and school district zone.

Daniels noted that "Voter View" will help answer one of the most frequently asked questions his office receives from voters: Where do I vote? By typing in an address and ZIP code, voters can quickly learn the location of their assigned polling place before election day.

"I encourage everyone to use 'Voter View' to ensure that they are registered to vote and that their information is current," Daniels said. Voters who find incorrect or outdated information should contact their county clerk's office.

"Voter View" is one of the benefits of Arkansas's new statewide voter database, Network of Voters in Arkansas (NOVA). Secretary Daniels's office completed the transition to the NOVA system in 2005. "In addition to providing a convenient service for voters through applications like 'Voter View,' NOVA gives county clerks more tools than they have ever had before to keep their voter lists current and accurate," said Daniels.
To access "Voter View," citizens click on the "Search Your Voter Registration Info" link on the homepage of the Secretary of State's Web site.