to block Social Security numbers and other data.

2. San Francisco Network Administrator Locks Everyone Out, Goes to Jail

Disgruntled city IT employee refuses to divulge password for key systems.

3. E-Discovery Prompts Agencies to Strengthen Document Management

Federal court rules trigger new requirements for electronic information stored by government.

4. Younger Employees May Bring New IT Security Challenges

Millennial generation will use Web 2.0 to work, study says. CIOs downplay the security impact.

5. Site Reveals Salaries of New York State Employees, Other State Financial Data

Conservative think tank launches Web site with comprehensive financial data for state.

6. Business Continuity: Inadequate Planning Affects CIOs

Growing complexity and criticality of IT makes business continuity a necessity for public sector.

7. Carly the Avatar Greets Visitors to San Carlos City Hall

California city uses Web-based avatar to replace receptionist lost to budget cuts.

8. CIOs Try to Follow Top Government IT Security Trends

The laundry list of security threats continues to grow, placing increasing pressure on CIOs to cover a multitude of bases.

9. Governments Around the Globe Have Become Early Adopters of Web 2.0 Strategies

Collaborative information exchange holds promise for government, but adopting Web 2.0 demands change.

10. Mesh Network Creates Low-Cost Muni Wi-Fi for Kentucky Town

Project provides free wireless Internet in downtown Prestonsburg for just $8,500.

Andy Opsahl  | 

Andy Opsahl is a former writer and features editor for Government Technology magazine.