California State Association of Counties (CSAC) Executive Director Paul McIntosh responded today to the recent Secretary of State's review of voting machines.

"As the voice of California counties, we are deeply concerned about the methodology used in the top-to-bottom review process, as well as the secretary of state's subsequent decisions based on those findings," said McIntosh in a release. "We do not believe that these results reflect a realistic and accurate evaluation of our electronic voting systems, all of which have passed comprehensive federal testing standards as well as California's more rigorous thresholds for security, accuracy and reliability.

"California counties have made a significant investment into these voting systems to ensure that they are secure, accurate and reliable. And, the Office of the Secretary of State previously certified all of the systems. Now, our counties must respond to an 11th-hour decision, based upon a flawed analysis, that could threaten the smooth and efficient running of upcoming elections. This decision was made without any consultation with those responsible for actually conducting elections -- our county elections officials.

"The veracity of any election -- no matter what type of equipment is used -- comes down to the integrity of the individuals responsible. County elections officials in California have always been, and will continue to be, above reproach.

"CSAC will provide additional comment once we have an opportunity to analyze the secretary of state's decision and its potential impacts."