Gas Station Kiosks Stir Debate

Some wanted a mute button on advertising screens, but City Council in Santa Barbara, Calif., says no.

by / June 27, 2012
Photo from Shutterstock

Santa Barbara City Hall decided on Tuesday, June 26, that Chevron gas station kiosks would not receive mute buttons or volume controls, despite outcry from some, including Councilwoman Cathy Murillo, who claimed the advertising kiosks were “obnoxious” and undignified in the California beach community.
The Daily Sound reported that some, like Murillo, claimed the noisy advertising screens were intrusive. But others fought the idea to add a mute button to the screens by questioning the feasibility of such a change.

Attorney Doug Fell argued that such an addition was impossible because the companies that make the screens do not offer a mute button option. “A realistic issue,” Fell said, “is can you place a mute button [on these screens]? It’s not feasible right now. There’s no such thing.”

Ultimately Fell’s request that the issue not be raised again was granted by the City Council on the grounds that the gas station was located on private property and no one outside the gas station was affected by the noise created by the advertisements.