Kentucky's CITE Celebrates its First Birthday

Times may be tough for states, but the Center for Information Technology Enterprise has doubled its staff and expanded its facilities.

by / February 18, 2003
BOWLING GREEN, K.Y. -- About a year ago, CITE was holding a similar ribbon cutting ceremony when they opened their doors with 5 employees and one statewide project. Now, CITE has 11 employees, multiple statewide projects and more advanced facilities to carry out its work.

CITE works with business and industry, government and higher education to extend their markets to the global economy and to refine their business processes using information technology to be more competitive. CITE is currently involved in several statewide projects, including connectkentucky, a public/private partnership designed to prepare Kentucky for the global economy.

The connectkentucky Steering Committee is comprised of representatives from the Office for the New Economy, the Appalachian Regional Commission and 15 businesses. CITE also works with the Governor's Office for Technology, the University of Louisville, the University of Kentucky, Western Kentucky University, and the Kentucky League of Cities, among other entities.

CITE has formed a partnership with Kentucky's Office for the New Economy, the Local Government Economic Development Fund and the Kentucky Manufacturing Assistance Center to provide electronic business and IT consulting services to Kentucky's businesses and manufacturers and is currently conducting free electronic business workshops across Kentucky.

"CITE is helping organizations utilize information technology and shape their business strategies to compete in the global economy," said Dr. Linda Johnson, President of CITE.

CITE has recently been awarded a grant from Kentucky's Agricultural Development Board to develop the business architecture, the conceptual development and the financial model for the Rural e-Learning Agricultural Program (REAP).

REAP is a project proposal that could ultimately bring computers, high-speed Internet access and online learning to as many as 45,000 Kentucky tobacco farm families.

"CITE's projects such as connectkentucky, REAP and the eBusiness Workshops are vital to every citizen in Kentucky," said H.B. Clark, Chairman of the CITE Board of Directors.

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