NASCIO is announced the release of its new issue brief, Staying Connected to Your Customers: Strategies and Tactics to Grow Enterprise IT Services. A product of NASCIO's Enterprise Infrastructure & Services Committee, this is the committee's second issue brief in its customer service strategies series. This brief covers the topic of utilizing CRM strategies and tactics to sustain and grow relationships with agencies once the CIO has established buy-in for consolidated and shared enterprise services.

"NASCIO is pleased to offer this second brief in its customer-service strategies series as a valuable resource to assist state CIOs as they plan for the future of their state's IT enterprise," said John Gillispie, chief operating officer for Iowa's Information Technology Enterprise, and co-chair of NASCIO's Enterprise Infrastructure & Services Committee. "Staying connected with your customers is an essential business strategy as a part of any statewide consolidation or shared-service effort. The integration of the knowledge of customer needs -- through employee training and processes that integrate customer interactions, marketing, service delivery, and support -- are key to delivering results."

This issue brief also examines the different ways these objectives can be reached and the types of business processes that it takes to really maintain the idea of consolidating and sharing enterprise IT services using proven customer-service strategies and tactics.

"Maintaining customer support of your efforts is an important ingredient and should be done in an atmosphere similar to a vendor-client relationship," said Gillispie.