Disaster Zone

Hurricane Florence and Unintended Consequences

Secondary impacts could be worse than some direct impacts.

by Eric Holdeman / September 13, 2018

Superlatives are not something I recommend emergency managers use with disasters that are pending. Language is important, Rather than say, "We are ready!" it might be better to say, "We are doing everything possible to be prepared for this pending disaster."

One of the things I know is that big disasters create what I call confluence. The disaster begets other disasters. See this article, Hurricane Florence: North Carolina fears possible environmental disaster. They all flow together and create a bigger mess than one might anticipate.

While the above article calls out the manure and ash ponds, there will be other issues that are not anticipated because they have not happened previously. Disasters create "unbelievable" situations to be dealt with, which can combine with the human element, which can cause mistakes to be made — Three Mile Island accident, for instance. 

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