protections of the ADA. This is unacceptable."

House Majority Leader Steny H. Hoyer pointed out the issues the bill intends to improve: "Among other things, the bipartisan House bill -- which already has more than 130 co-sponsors -- will restore the original intent of the ADA by:

  • Amending the definition of 'disability' so that people who Congress originally intended to protect from discrimination are covered under the ADA, and
  • Preventing courts from considering 'mitigating measures' -- such as eyeglasses or medication -- when determining whether a person qualifies for protection under the law.

"The fact is," Hoyer continued, "the Supreme Court has improperly shifted the focus of the ADA from an employer's alleged misconduct, and onto whether an individual can first meet -- in the Supreme Court's words -- a 'demanding standard for qualifying as disabled.'"

In an official proclamation current President Bush stated: "On the anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), we celebrate our progress towards an America where individuals with disabilities are recognized for their talents and contributions to our society ... I call on all Americans to celebrate the vital contributions of individuals with disabilities as we work towards fulfilling the promise of the ADA to give all our citizens the opportunity to live with dignity, work productively, and achieve their dreams."

Gina M. Scott  |  Writer