Photo: Michigan CISO and Public CIO blogger Dan Lohrmann

NASCIO member and Michigan Chief Information Security Officer Dan Lohrmann was recently named one of eight government leaders to win Governing magazine's Public Officials of the Year award. "Dan's commitment to the citizens of Michigan is phenomenal," said Ken Theis, director of the Michigan Department of Information Technology and CIO of Michigan. "Along with our counterparts across the nation, we battle new threats to our information security daily. Dan is consistently at the forefront."

Lohrmann -- who blogs on security issues for GT's Public CIO --  became Michigan's first CISO in May 2002. He is an executive board member of the Multi-State Information Sharing & Analysis Center (MS-ISAC), which coordinates cybersecurity actions among the 50 states, and founder of the Michigan State and Local Government ISAC. Lohrmann also serves on several state and federal security councils and working groups. He chaired the NASCIO IT Security Video Working Group and has served actively on NASCIO's Security and Privacy Committee.