NASCIO today announced the release of its publication, NASCIO's Survey on Enterprise Data Center Consolidation in the States: Strategies and Business Justification. A product of NASCIO's Infrastructure and Services Committee, this survey report provides an overview of the challenges states indicated they are facing in considering and implementing enterprise IT data center consolidation initiatives.

NASCIO surveyed 29 states concerning their data center consolidation initiatives. The survey, conducted through June 22, 2007, represents approximately 46 percent of the nations' population. Participation included a wide distribution in geography, population and budget.

When NASCIO asked state CIOs to share their top priorities for 2007, it was their consensus view that consolidation of IT infrastructure and services were at the top of the list. It is also clear from NASCIO's recent national survey on data center consolidation in the states that there has been significant progress in centralizing computing assets. The survey also reveled that state respondents use a variety of definitions of what constitutes an "enterprise data center," however, despite the status of states' initiatives in this area, the trend toward consolidation appears to be universal.

"Consolidation of a state's data processing assets and the movement to a centralized data environment is laying the foundation for a fundamental change in the way states do business and how states protect their data assets," said Kyle Schafer, CTO for West Virginia and co-chair of NASCIO's Infrastructure and Services Committee. "NASCIO is pleased to offer this summary as a resource to assist CIOs as they plan for the future of their state's IT enterprise."