The EU will now allow 3G phones to use GSM frequencies. The measures published today open the GSM radio spectrum band to more advanced wireless communication devices. A new decision and a directive modernizing the 1987 GSM Directive , have been printed in the EU's Official Journal, becoming EU law and must now be applied in all 27 EU countries. The new EU measures will foster stronger competition on Europe's telecom market and make it easier for operators to provide faster, pan-European services such as mobile Internet alongside GSM services. They will also boost the roll-out of wireless broadband services, one of the drivers of the EU's economic recovery. "The new EU rules published today allow the re-farming of the radio spectrum in the GSM band for new mobile services, strengthen competition and save the mobile industry up to EUR 1.6 billion in capital costs, " said EU Telecoms Commissioner Viviane Reding in a statement. "With decisions like this, Europe ensures that we will keep our competitive edge in wireless services."