The Wireless Innovation Alliance (WIA) on Friday congratulated the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) on its commencement of TV "white space" device testing, to begin on January 24, 2008. The testing process will allow for the FCC to gather additional data on prototype devices that will enable the development of clear and effective rules of the road to help guide future technological development within the vacant spaces of the broadcast television spectrum.

"There is no doubt that this unused spectrum can be put to better use for consumers without interfering with TV signals. This testing process will allow the FCC's engineers to develop policies in this area without undue political interference," said Rhett Dawson, CEO, Information Technology Industry Coalition. "We encourage the FCC to move forward in an expedient fashion so that consumers can benefit from these exciting innovations as quickly as possible."

"The prototypes set to undergo testing hold the potential to spur innovation and create new applications for consumers, including greater broadband connectivity, community mesh networks and a host of new wireless devices," said Michael Calabrese, vice president of the New America Foundation and director of its Wireless Future Program. "The alliance and its members are committed to unlocking the potential of this highly valuable and unused public resource, and will fully cooperate with the FCC to enable a timely and accurate completion of the testing process."