Pennsylvania Standardizes on ECM Technology

State selects Enterprise Content Management solution.

by / August 20, 2003
HARRISBURG, Pa. -- Pennsylvania has selected FileNet's Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solution as its standard for its Electronic Document/Information Management (EDMS) needs.

Combining content, process and connectivity to promote better, faster decision making, the technology is expected to serve as the foundation for a wide variety of technology initiatives throughout the state.

Pennsylvania has deployed ECM technology in various state agencies. The ECM enables government agencies to simplify and unify their enterprise architecture, and leverage content, process and connectivity to provide constituents with easier access to public services, and faster turnaround to meet their individual needs.

To manage costs of IT offerings, many states are standardizing on IT platforms and entering into agreements with vendors to lock in pricing and terms.

The company believes ECM is fast becoming a significant part of government enterprise architectures, along with other key components such as database and network services. As baby boomers reach retirement age, government entities face a shrinking taxpayer base and a thinning of the public sector is an issue as more and more government employees enter retirement. As a result, government entities are becoming more resource-constrained, yet are faced with an ever increasing workload.

Aside from needing to do more with less, government agencies are tasked with providing constituents with easier access to services and faster turnaround, giving rise to "self-service" online applications. In support of this need, ECM can assist government with streamlined decision-making, faster response times and better coordination of services.