I-405 freeway in Los Angeles Shutterstock/Bart Everett

The L.A. County Metropolitan Transportation Agency is interested in collecting information on a software program or mobile app that would operate the Integrated Mobility Hubs project.

The county is developing an operations plan for the project, on behalf of the cities of Los Angeles and Long Beach. “A mobility hub is a suite of services that offers first- and last-mile multimodal solutions linking individuals from transit to employment centers and other activities,” the county explains in a recently posted request for information.


The objective of the Mobility Hubs project, according to the transportation agency, “is to improve low-income individuals’ access to employment and training, and enhance urban mobility.”

The services at a mobility hub might include car sharing, real-time ridesharing and bike sharing, bike parking and small bus service. A shared fleet of electric bikes, bicycles and scooters also might be provided.

According to a project brief from the L.A. Mayor’s Office, mobility hubs utilize GPS and Wi-Fi to provide ride sharing services on demand.

Officials plan to first install the hubs in downtown Los Angeles, Hollywood and Long Beach. The city of Los Angeles plans to debut the hubs in 2016. The stakeholders received an $8.3 million grant in 2010 to develop the hubs.

Respond to the transportation agency’s RFI here.

This story was originally published by TechWire