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Dude Solutions Sells Off Workforce Management Software

Combining its expertise in managing physical assets with a platform to optimize employee training and skills, ALPHA Facilities Solutions is setting up a workforce-focused division called ALPHA Prime Solutions.

by / November 30, 2020

ALPHA Facilities Solutions, a Texas-based company that helps public and private organizations manage their material assets such as buildings and equipment, has bought a skills management platform from SaaS company Dude Solutions.

According to a news release this month, the platform is called Advanced Skills Management Industrial (ASMi), and it sets training and work schedules for employees based on job requirements, and also uses data to assess probabilities of human error. ALPHA Facilities Solutions will market the platform, its application and related professional services under the banner “ALPHA Prime Solutions,” to distinguish it from the company’s other offerings related to the physical, built environment.

Drawing a connection between managing assets and managing staff, ALPHA Facilities Solutions CEO John Garcia said in a statement that the acquisition adds a missing piece to his company’s offerings. For clients to achieve operational efficiency, he stressed the built environment and the personnel environment must be working in concert.

“All areas of our clients’ asset management processes need people — the workforce,” Garcia said in the statement. “No matter the size of the organization, there is a need for carefully coordinated management of the workforce and built-environment assets required for the mission they serve. Critical workforce skills management is asset-centric. There can be no effective or efficient tangible or intangible asset management without workforce skills management.”

Besides state and local government, ALPHA Facilities Solutions also sells to the federal government, military, education and health-care markets.

No stranger to acquisitions, Dude Solutions has also been building out its suite of products with expertise from competitors in recent years; for instance adding Paladin Data Systems’ SmartGov software to its licensing suite in 2018, buying New Energy Technology (NET)’s energy efficiency platform in 2019, acquiring the asset management company Assetic in March 2020 and an IoT asset-management platform from the company Precisely in October.

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